Call Board


Singers in italics


Calling All Monsters – Cheyenne, Riley with Collin, Ava, Eden, Jack, Addison, Kayleigh, Beckham, Anna


Spooky – Megan Gerace


Thriller – Mark Bryant, Sara Gerard with Ava Manalo, Eden Crews, Addison Staples, Kayleigh Bryant, Anna Davis


Monster Mash – Jack Lowther with Collin Romeo, Seth Sweat, Dallas Norman, Olivia Lowther, Addison Staples, Regan Thrush, Kayleigh Bryant, Anna Davis


I Put a Spell on You – Sara Gerard, Harli McCullough, Kaylan Davis


Ghostbusters – Riley Katsikas (Slimmer), Ghosts – Eden Crews, Ava Manalo, Cheyenne Dunnam, Dallas Norman


Witchy Woman – Trey Orberg


Time Warp – Jack Lowther, Cheyenne Dunnam and Riley Katsikas with Eden Crews, Ava Manalo, Kayleigh Bryant, Seth Sweat, Dallas Norman, Collin Romeo, Olivia Lowther,




Gene – Bob Gerard

Jim - TBA

Karen - TBA


Ruth – Cheyenne Dunnam

Betty – Olivia Lowther

Billy – Jack Lowther

Raw Head – Collin Romeo

Hunter – Seth Sweat

Molly – Addison Staples

George – Dallas Norman

Claire – Kayleigh Bryant

Susie – Regan Thrush

Ola – Bryleigh McCullough

Lilly – Kambry Bryant

Emily – Anna Davis

Jeannie (was Johnny) – Beckham Patterson


Thompson – Collin Romeo

B1 – Mark Bryant

B2 -  Denny Wells

Sheriff – Jeff Rowe


3 Ghosts – Kayleigh, Addison, Anna


Staci – Eden Crews

Ann – Ava Manalo

6 witches - TBA


David - TBA

Sally - Charlee Bloxham

Jane – Lily Ann Drawdy

Mary Ann – Beckham Patterson


Join the Facebook Drama page and check frequently at for new information about rehearsals.


First Zoom rehearsal will be Monday at 6 pm.  Make sure that you get access to Zoom before that rehearsal.  We will only rehearse Raw Head on Monday and rehearsal will last about 40 minutes.


Second Zoom rehearsal is on Tuesday at 6 pm and we will only rehearse Cuyler witches.


Third Zoom rehearsal is Wednesday at 6 pm and we will only rehearse Little Ghost of Glen.


Let me know via Facebook drama group if there is a problem to these rehearsals.

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