Call Board

Disney Showcase tentative song order


Act One


Circle of Life

 Just Can’t Wait to Be King

 Hakuna Matta

 Heigh Ho

 I’m Wishing/ A Dream is a Wish

 Under the Sea

 Part of That World

 How Far I’ll Go



 Step in Time





Act Two


Friend Like Me

 A Whole New World

 When Will My Life Begin

 I See the Light

 I Wanna Be Like You

 Bare Necessities

 You’ll Be in My Heart

 Do You Wanna Build a Snowman

 Let it Go



 Beauty and the Beast

 When You Wish Upon a Star



Costume List

Costumes we have in the costume closet are in italics


Mickey and Minnie


Circle of Life – animal costumes you will create, Singers – long Dashikis over leggings in black, brown or green, African look beads and bracelets.  Beads in hair.


I Just Can’t Wait – Zasu - colorful sweats or leggings and long sleeved pull over, mask, Simba/Nala – brown or tan leggings on sweats and shirt, lion hat


Hakuna Matata – Timon – all brown with a tan circle on shirt, ears/nose, Puumba – all brown, nose with tusk  Nala/Simba – same as above


Heigh Ho – Knickers (pants cut off at the knee), long pull over hoodie – green, brown, black, tan – hoods, beards


Snow White and Cinderella


Ariel and Sebastian, Mary Poppins


Bert and sweeps – dark pants and shirt, vest and newsboy hat


Under the Sea – Fish costume – colorful long sleeved pullover and leggings, fish costume (see photo on line)


Moana, Maui, Tomatoa, Mulan, Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine, Rapunzel


Finn:   Brown pants, pullover cream shirt, tunic


King Louie, Baloo


Mowgli – loose brown shorts with a front/back piece so it looks like a loincloth


Elsa and Anna, Belle, Gaston, Beast, Lumiere, Beauty Singer


We should be able to costume most of the characters in Belle and Gaston from costume closet