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9 to 5

First rehearsal is Full Cast on Tuesday, Jan. 22 from 6-7:30

Full Cast should be familiar with the song 9 to 5


Violet         Loriann Bliss

Doralee     Blayne Fraser

Judy           Kylie Carter

Hart           Jackson Helms

Joe             Joel Griffis

Roz            Sara Beth Gerard

Dwayne     Jared Brown

Julie           Hannah Davis

Missy         Carole Spivey

Maria         Kasyn Givens

Dick           TBA

Kathy         Shelly Neri

Margaret   Carole Spivey

Bob            Lucas Cox

Tinsworthy         Jeff Rowe

Detective            Denny Wells

Doctor                Jeff Rowe

Candy Striper      River Neri

New Employee  Audrey England

Ensemble  McKenzie Norrell, Audrey England, Lucas Cox, Jared Brown, Carole Spivey, Kasyn Givens, Joel Griffis, Hannah Davis, Jeff Rowe, River Neri, Shelly Neri