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Broadway in Baker Christmas 17

Cast List

Check the song list carefully to see what you sing

CD is in Front Office – Key check for soloists, duets – Friday 5-6:30

Community Theatre

Kristie Shook, Mistee Adcock, Denny Wells, Ana Tomas, Jeff Rowe, Sam Kitching, Sara Gerard-Summers, Rachel Lott


School System


Aybree Gonzalez

Jackson Helms

Blayne Fraser

Elizabeth Reagan

Jaclyn Adkinson

Kylie Carter

Will Griffis



Aybree Gonzalez, Riley Katsikas, Jackson Hodges, Kate Barber



Cheyenne Adcock

Joel Griffis

Emily Griffis

Jacob Smith

Alexis Smith

Ty Adcock

Loriann Bliss

Tucker Kinghorn



Lucas Cox, Maddie Hauge, Harper Archambault, Carole Spivey, Kaylan Davis, Allie England, Noah Melvin, Sierra Gatto 

Tentative Song List

Songs in italics are sung with trax

1.    Winter Wonderland – Kelley Norman and Bob Gerard

2.    Christmas in Dixie – Denny Wells and Jeff Rowe

3.    New Kid in Town – Kristie Shook

4.    Reindeer Boogie – Cheyenne Adcock, Elizabeth Reagan, Chorus

5.    The Man With the Bag – Elizabeth Reagan

6.    River – Blayne Fraser

7.    Rocking Around the Christmas Tree – Kylie Carter

8.    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays – Joel Griffis, Jackson Helms, Jacob Smith, Lucas Cox, Tucker Kinghorn

9.    Believe – Jackson Helms

10.                   Toy Sack – Tucker Kinghorn with Emily Griffis, Maddie Hauge, Kaylan Davis, Blayne Fraser, Alexis Smith

11.                   Marshmallow World – Jaclyn Adkinson with Chorus

12.                   Holly Jolly Christmas – Sam Kitching, Jeff Rowe, Denny Wells with Chorus

13.                  All Alone for Christmas – Mistee Adcock

14.                   Dogs Barking Jingle Bells – Ty Adcock, Jackson Hodges, Will Griffis, Lucas Cox, Lucy Lou Gerard-Summers

15.                  The Chimney Song – Aybree Gonzalez

16.                  We Need a Little Christmas – Jaclyn Adkinson, Kylie Carter, Chorus and Cast

17.                  Happy Xmas – Kristie Shook, Ana Tomas and Chorus

18.                  Silver Bells – Joel Griffis, Emily Griffis

19.                  Rudolph – Aybree Gonzalez, Riley Katsikas, Kate Barber, Jackson Hodges

20.                  Love is Christmas – Sara Gerard-Summers

21.                   Let it Snow – Ty Adcock, Carole Spivey, Harper Archambault

22.                   Blue Christmas – Jacob Smith, Loriann Bliss, Alexis Smith, Jackson Helms

23.                  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Kelley Norman

24.                  Welcome to Our World – Bob Gerard

25.                   Hallelujah (Cloverton version) – Ana Tomas

26.                   Away in the Manger – Will Griffis

27.                   O Little Town of Bethlehem – Rachel Lott

28.                   O Come All Ye Faithful, Joy to the World, Silent Night - Cast