Call Board

Our timing was off - check lines and lyrics

Harold - low energy and volume tonight

I don’t believe I threw it - more

Har - black belt in opening

Mar - comfortable girl - stress

kids - ragdoll, baseball

get onstage quicker for the Iowa freeze - there should be no reason to be late unless you’re moving props

MP - touch the piano, we can see your hands

Amar - bet he won’t say it - laugh

M - stand up earlier in song

M - tourch heart on Someone, Good Night

Constable - button shirt all the way

Eul - good being not happy with mayor

Q - more reaction on day laborer

break up a gang - project

M - hum on cross

walk softly when curtain is closed, tiptoe

more on Think System, frame it 

Collect and leave - show it

Eul - fan on reticent

find the marbles bag

M - good snapping book

M - sound on marshmallow

Don’t call me Greg - MORE

library cart can’t get left in front of curtain

Win - downstage leg for stripe

Black stripe across chest

Go blind - squint at the holder like you can’t see the notes

whole group on stairs sing on Wells Fargo

Line issue on Pick-a-Little - missed showoff

CC - turn sticker side of suitcase out

H - academic enlightenment - hand on porch


Mar - Crazy -even more

CC - good cough

CC - check lines

May - good cover

Hat for Harold along with coat at end