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840 5787 6670


Cast List for Tricks and Treats is on the Call Board page.

BCHS Drama sponsors Lin, Magi and Tab Taber of show sponsor, Glen St. Mary Nursery  take a trip through The Secret Garden.

FutureStars Drama Camp registration form is on the Call Board page.

Click on this link to listen to Baker County Community Theatre’s presentation of Sorry, Wrong Number.

IMG 1439

Kelley Norman as Mrs. Stevenson

IMG 1410

Sara Beth Gerard as the operator

IMG 1411

Jeff Rowe as Sgt. Martin

IMG 1397

Denny Wells as the gangster

IMG 1416

Bob Gerard as George

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Cathy Mendolera as the hospital administrator

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Kaylan Davis as the chief operator

Harli McCullough as the information operator

The Secret Garden will be our spring production.  Tentative live show dates are April 29-May 2, May 6-9.


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