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I’ve decided with the current situation that we are in with two kids in the show who have tested positive that we really must close down the program until further notice.  I fully intend to do both Broadway in Baker: Theme Songs and A Secret Garden at a later date, but the situation with the virus is just too dangerous for us to risk people’s health - our own and our audiences.  None of us are happy with virtual performances.  We want a live audience but until it’s safe for us to be back on stage and for them to be in the seats we have to put shows on the back burner.  Keep up with your songs and your Secret Garden lines and when there is a vaccine or the virus is under control we will come back stronger than ever.  God bless.

Welcome to the BCHS Drama and Baker County Community Theatre website. 

The Secret Garden will be our winter production.  Dates are TBA, though probably it will premier in mid-January.


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